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❶Saanj News is a newspaper website for Saanj , a social network convering a variety of Canadian and Indian topics. The first step is finding your target audience.

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A newspaper content management system.

Because we take care of everything so that you can focus on creating amazing content! Create and publish any kind of content: Let your readers share, like and comment. And much much more No need to provide any credit cards. Give a name to your newspaper and start publishing for free. The word is yours! The world is yours! Our platform drastically reduces the time spent in understanding technology to free up time to create information.

SEO, Socials, Widgets integrated. Since the very beginning and as long as you want you will be able to contact us for any queries , you can consult our extended help section and you can watch our demo. We offer a mobile responsive SaaS Software as a Service because we know that you need to be able to create and publish content from any place and device.

Depending on your business model we offer the possibility to manage advertisement and paywalls so that you can successfully own and grow your digital newspaper. Any style you like in particular? Any project you would like to know more about? Create your online newspaper for free 3 clicks and your news go live. Unmounting the traditional The best internet service for your digital newspaper.

You can use this for any type of news, and magazine related websites. We have tried our best to make this CMS user-friedly. Our clients will be able to change almost everything in this website like logo, favicon, contents, pages etc.

We have created this content management system based on the procedural php and mysql. So our codes are clean and easy to understand to most of the coders. We are also here to give you support about that. So never be worried to modify any kind of codes. A newspaper or magazine website with ProsePoint Express will make your life much easier.

Publishing an online newspaper or magazine is so easy even you could do it. Sign up for a FREE trial. Despite the technical nature of its subject, the website caters for the interested general public.

Previously, they had looked at blogs and other website software, but found that the appearance didn't look like a news site - It was just a long collection of articles. Saanj News is a newspaper website for Saanj , a social network convering a variety of Canadian and Indian topics. They were looking to create a newspaper website for their members and also expand the reach of their audience. In the search for a solution, Saanj tried many alternatives but they each had certain limitations and the end result didn't look good enough for a news website.

Then they came across ProsePoint Express which did produce great looking results. After reading the documentation, Saanj decided it was the best system for their newspaper website. LaPagina0 is a Spanish language digital publication featuring a wide variety of topics from a cross-section of lifestyle, culture, communications, journalism and related fields. It features some stunning photographs and thought-provoking articles.

LaPagina0 considered using Wordpress and Joomla but weren't sure they were the most appropriate because they were too 'blog' looking. They wanted something more professional and eventually selected ProsePoint Express to be their content management system. Huntington News were using old style html editing to update and maintain their local news website. This posed problems as staff had to submit changes to a webmaster and wait for the results, creating a bottleneck that was impacting their ability to deliver timely and accurate news updates.

In trying to remove this stiffling bottleneck, Huntington News realised they needed to switch to a content management system CMS where staff could post their own stories and make their own changes. Yet at the same time, they didn't want to shock their readership with too much change at once.

It was highly desirable to keep the appearance of the website unchanged as much as possible, despite it being a design from several years ago. In other words, Huntington News wanted the transition from html editing to a modern web-enabled CMS to be as painless, seamless and transparent to the readers as possible. After the transition, then they would consider a site redesign.

Huntington News found ProsePoint Express and after a couple of weeks of evaluation and email discussions, they signed up and prepaid for six months.

They were convinced that ProsePoint Express was the way forward. Pricing Showcase Documentation Articles.

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Start publishing your online newspaper with TechCruiser's Newspaper website software - a powerful CMS with professional templates at affordable price.

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A newspaper content management system. ProsePoint is a software service that lets you quickly and easily publish your own newspaper or magazine online. You can upload stories, edit stories online, and organise stories into channels, all through the user-friendly and convenient web interface.

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Buy NewsLite - Online Responsive NewsPaper CMS by xicia on CodeCanyon. Overview This script is a nice, attractive, clean and responsive online newspaper content management system (CMS). Yo. Best CMS with easy to use in-build functionalities for publishing newspaper and magazine online. TechCruiser is one-stop destination for all your newspaper publishing needs.

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ProsePoint Express is a newspaper and magazine CMS (content management system) for publishing news-based websites. This next generation software creates great looking websites and is so easy to use, even you could publish one. Metro Publisher is the simplest way to build a feature-rich magazine website. Anyone on your staff can publish a variety of content types anytime, anywhere – no web developers required. Metro Publisher™ — the Content Platform (CMS) for Publishers, Broadcasters, Newspapers, and Magazines.